Shirley Iwama, Support Specialist I
Shirley Iwama founded OFFICE OPTION in 1988 when she had managed a clinic long enough to know outside help was needed to do the job right. OPTIONS for offices is a concept conceived of having "lived it" --with too much to do in a work day to handle the other important things such as the bookkeeping, taxes, etc., except after hours. Shirley received her B.S. Degree from Evergreen State College in Communication and Counseling but more important she has an 'experience degree' in clinic management, business management, human resources and more than can be listed here. Shirley has served on the Board of Directors for the Soroptimist Women's organization, Jaycettes President for two terms, Campfire Girls Board of Directors Chair, Church Elder Team member, Council member and Chair of Adult Ministry Team for the past seven years. She also leads Prayer Group weekly meetings and shares leadership in weekend retreats for women. Shirley's intuitive sense about people and situations allows her to wear many hats and slip into any office situation as comfortable as if she had worked there for years. Her creative nature, integrity and love of people have shaped this client-service oriented business. Shirley is married, has one son and two daughters. They have given her four grandsons and three granddaughters. In her off time, Shirley prefers being with her grandchildren but she also writes poetry, short essays, provides counseling support to numerous women and couples, walks her two Pomeranians and loves to do design and decorating. Her home is always in motion with people and in her search of a new design or arrangement.
Shari joined the OPTIONS team in 1999 and has demonstrated strong potential of being 'cloned' by the Main Option. She is the true Accounts Payable Specialist!!!  Please trust her with your questions. She has most of the answers. The Main Option can't give her all the answers as she could have a mutiny on her hands if staff knew EVERYTHING she knows. :) Shari's dental, accounts payable and office experience bring strong support to the OPTIONS. During her four years at SPU and Central Washington University, Shari's substantial work experience and accumulation of knowledge comes into play often for the OPTIONS. Shari's sunny personality, speed, efficiency and great organizational skills make her a valuable asset to the Option team and to you for how she will unravel and/or handle what is needed to be done. Shari is married and has two boys and one girl so when not working, she practices efficiency at home to keep her life in fine order. Shari's hobbies include working with children at Midway Covenant and has recently become an actress having the lead part.  What Shari sets out to do, she does!  and we are proud to have her on the team of OPTIONs!
Shari Gettis, Support Specialist II
Shari, Shirley and Eric enjoying what they do for you